Our Herd

Our Story

Years ago we started off with two goats, a mother and her doeling. For beginners, this was a great way to start of in the goat world. With her mother by her side, we didn't need to worry about weaning a baby goat. Goats can be easy keepers until they are not. With the help of a mentor, James Ferebee, we made it through the first year. There is a lot to learn about goat care. Goats are ruminants and can be plagued with parasite problems. With parasites becoming drug resistant we wanted to raise our goats as naturally as possible. We use good hygiene in the pens, pasture rotation, herbal wormers and most importantly a good healthy diet of forage, antibiotic free grain, Chaffhaye, locally raised hay, and vegetables and herbs we grow at the farm.


There is nothing more relaxing and uplifting than watching baby goats hopping around the yard. We were hooked. Breeding became a passion about sharing that joy.


We carefully screen potential clients to make sure our babies will be well taken care of with educated families. We spend considerable time with our goats training them to be friendly and trusting of their human herd so they are ready to be with future families. Nothing is more disappointing then going home with new goat who seems afraid of you. That will not happen with our goats. We also feel it is important to spend just as much time with clients if they are new to having goats. We strongly encourage visits to the farm before purchasing goats.


As many families do, we started off with Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We wanted smaller pets with the potential to show and milk. They have strong personalities and very playful. We have since added Mini Tennessee Fainting goats or Mini Myotonic Fainting Goats and Mini Silkie Fainting Goats. I believe they are becoming my favorite! They are strictly bred as pets. They extremely friendly and gentle. They hop around as babies but as they grow older are very content animals. They rarely challenge a fence and certainly do not jump as adults.  All of our adults will quietly walk up to you and wait to be brushed, fed or loved on. These goats are perfect for young toddlers or children with disabilities.

Our Herd


Critter Creek Sophia

ADGA D1809195  

​AGS D-84155  

​6th generation pedigree



Liberty-HF JS Lady Elli​

ADGA D1735710

​AGS D-78228

6th generation pedigree​



Honeypatch Margaret Of Anjou

ADGA D1843985P

5th Generation pedigree

​Blue Eyed and Polled



Boondocks Farm PE Ophelia

ADGA D1911527P

5th generation pedigree

Blue Eyed and Polled



Creekside Farm Lavinia Andronicus CCG
MGR D1614

5th generation pedigree




Creekside Farm Luciana CCG

MGR D1615

5th generation pedigree
Blue eyed and Polled


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Fern Creek Farm Cordelia CC

MSFGA 7075

Hazel Eyed Disbudded


Carolina Fainters Reagan CCG

MGR D7040

4th generation pedigree




Creekside Farm Lucius Andronicus

MGR  D1612

Hazel Eyes  and Polled



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