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Celebrating International Goat Yoga Day with WCCB!

Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga and Wine Tasting?

Much to our surprise and disappointment, the winery where we held our Goat Yoga and Wine Tasting has encountered a zoning issue that does not allow them to have outdoor events at this time. They are and will remain open for business as a winery. John and Kay have become great friends and we wish them the best as they pursue resolution of this issue and we can again enjoy Goat Yoga and Wine Tasting!

Goat Yoga Events 2018

There has been so much anticipation for the new schedule. We have been so overwhelmed with emails and are so appreciative of the support! Over the last year we have had many requests for just Goat Yoga. Something that would allow younger teens to come and for folks that are looking for a more therapeutic atmosphere. We have heard you and found some fantastic locations! Minimum age is 12 years old.


We are especially excited about bringing Goat Yoga to the Historic White Home! This is a magnificent historic home with beautiful gardens, fountains, and stone walkways. They are home to countless weddings, rehearsal dinners and events. We are so fortunate to partner with them to bring Goat Yoga to the gardens! Please check out the website and see all the pictures. 

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What exactly is Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is a fun therapeutic experience. We provide 50-60 minutes of a beginner level yoga by a certified instructor while our goats of all ages meander through the class. All of our goats are miniatures so even the adults look like babies. Our goats are very friendly and love to participate. Favorite poses? Down dog and warrior. Why? They love to use your legs as a tunnel to walk through. Be careful in cat/cow! The babies love to jump on your back. After yoga, take all the time you need to get poses in plank, wheel, pigeon or group shots.

What to bring?

A yoga mat or towel, water, and camera of course!

Private Events?

Let us help build your private event.
Consider us for team building events which can be built to your corporate needs.

We have options of just Goat Yoga with additions such box lunch or dinners.

Yoga $25 per person-includes 1 hour of yoga and all the time you need for poses, tricks and pictures. Usually 1 1/2 hour total time for Goat yoga and picture session.

  • Boxed lunches add $7 per person
     Private Catering-add $11-13 per person
  • groups as small as you like with a minimum of $500 and up to 30 people
  •  Sundays are open booking for Goat Yoga through Eventbrite but certain amounts can be blocked off for groups. Maximum groups for Sunday are limited to 30.
  • Group events for Children are held at another location. Please call for pricing.

    Travel cost are very expensive for us as we pay our instructors and drivers by the hour including travel time and mileage. Please call for pricing. However, we do travel to schools and for corporate events. We have portable fencing and can set up at your location. 

Yes sometimes our goats get so excited they faint!

Poor Live got too excited about yoga!! This happens with fainters when they get excited.