I love growing, propagating and designing with succulents. They are so easy to care for, have so much texture and color! Many of the succulents I work with actually bloom! Cutting can be taken from any of my designs to start more in your own home. I also love adding dried flowers and cotton grown right here at the farm.  The photo gallery has pictures of some of the current available plants and living wreaths.  They can be custom made or come to the Farmers Markets on Saturday mornings  March-May.

Plant Care


Succulents are very easy to take care of. They store water in their leaves and do not like their roots wet. Be careful not to overwater. They like sunlight! Place by a window. Here's my routine. Water enough to wet the soil evenly. Don't water again until the soil is completely dried out. That is usually a week or more. I use a very dilute mixture of fish fertilizer (can get it at Lowes) once a month. There are lots of Utube videos instructing how to take cutting if your plant is setting out shoots or getting too leggy.  Have fun as they grow.

Air Plants

Air plants get their nutrients and water through their leaves not their roots. Do Not place them in soil. They like indirect sunlight or fluorescent light. If in direct sunlight you may need to mist them. Soak your plants once a week and they should thrive! Once a week submerge them in room temperature well, distilled or rain water for about 10-20 minutes, shake off the excess water. Do not use municipal water as it has chlorine and can hurt your plants. The life cycle of the plants include growth, bloom and reproduction. Before and after they bloom they will produce "pups" from the base. When the "pups" reach 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the main plant, they can easily be separated and grown to maturity on their own.  


Succulent wreaths can be hung both inside or out. They are seasonal and offered in the spring. They tend to dry out more often outside. A topiary wreath can be placed in water to soak or simply pour water over the area that holds the succulents. There is soil under the moss. All other wreaths can be watered like any others succulent with a watering can or water bottle. Water until it drains out the bottom. Many of the succulents used in the wreath are creeping varieties and will continue to grown down the wreath.