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At Critter Creek Farm, all our animals are raised with careful attention to lineage. They may be pets but trained to be social and foremost gentle. Our goats are raised on pasture, local hay, Alfalfa Chaffhaye, antibiotic free grain and seasonal vegetables and herbs. Organic herbal pest control measures and pasture rotation are used to keep our animals healthy and thriving. All goats are tested and negative for Johne's and CAE. South Carolina is a Brucellosis and Tuberculosis free state. Our herd is CL free.


Not everyone wants to keep a buck but may want to experience the joys of little babies hopping around with blissful glee. For years we used a stud service until we fell in love with our little buckling and couldn't part with him. We also wanted to raise miniature fainting goats and failed to find a stud service close by. We offer a stud service for $75 with service memo. Boarding is available for $5 a day after the first day. All goats considered must have proof of being disease free from CAE,CL and Johne's with no open wounds, abscess or apparent parasite overload.

Macduff- ADGA Nigerian Dwarf

Critter Creek Macduff is a 6th generation Nigerian Dwarf junior buckling. He is registered with ADGA and AGS. He will be available for stud service November 2017.

Adga Registry info

Ninja-Mini Silkie Fainting Goat

 Ninja is a 5th generation Mini Silkie Fainter registered with MGR # C6596 and MSFGA  F7085. His myotonic scale is 6 with an extreme coat. He is very gentle and beautiful with his bangs and extreme long coat. His is currently available for service.

Registry Info