King's Landing Farm

Rent-a-chick has been so much fun over the years. We really enjoy seeing the same families return year after year. As the flower business has grown, I found I couldn't devote as much time as I wanted to the program. I am so happy I found Mary Sandy! Mary's runs King's Landing Farm. We have so much in common including our love for chickens and goats!! They have alpaca's, miniature horses, goats and chickens. Mary breeds rare and fancy birds. They are so incredibly beautiful! Not only will she be continuing the Rent-a-Chick program, I know she will bring it to the next level!

Please contact Mary for the 2019 Rent-a-chick season on facebook @kingslandingfarm or by phone 704-658-7770 or email



An adventure! Arrive at the farm at the appointed time for the Chick-Sitter school where you will learn how to care for your chicks. You will go home with your box filled with litter, feed for 7-10 days, a waterer, feeder, written reminders from Chick-Sitter School and brooder lamp. Of course that also includes two lovely one week old chicks to keep each other company and warm. 7-10 days later you return with all the equipment and your rapidly growing chicks.


Rent-a-Chick is a program that will offer an opportunity for children and adults to learn about how precious new life is, the joyful responsibilities of taking care of a baby animal, and to experience a little piece of farm life. It is our joy to share this with you.

What to expect?

Your two baby chicks will go home with the downy feathers they were born with. During the next week, watch the new feathers come in and the look of your chick change. Soon they will try to test their wings.

The Babies will learn to recognize your voice and perk up when you enter the room. They love to be held and pet. Soon they will sit on your shoulder as you watch TV or do homework.

How did this idea come about?

Year after year in the spring after schools were finished teaching the life cycle unit,  we would be asked if we wanted the  baby chicks that were hatched in the class room. Unfortunately, most couldn't identify the type or sex  of the chick or realize a chick can not just be added to a coop. Pecking order is a real thing! Thus chicks have to be introduced slowly to the flock so they will be accepted and not "pecked" on.  We came up with the idea to provide the chicks for the class room, homeschool children and families. We do this once a year so we can incorporate all the chicks into the flock at the same time after the program.

What happens to the chicks when they return to the farm?

Many of the chicks remain on the farm to free range, provide us with eggs and live a very happy life. The chicks learn from the participants that people can be kind and trusted. They grow up to be very friendly and make great pets. Ever year we have farms anxiously awaiting these chicks to return from the program to be adopted. 



Rent A Chick Contract (docx)