My Story

Many summers of my childhood were spent playing in the woods and fields behind the house. I was always in search of mysterious flowers that grew in the shade on the forest floor or tall bright flowers in the fields. There was a farm down the road that I could spy on while hiding in the tall grass these fields. This farm had chickens that always seemed to "get out" or what I now know as "free range". I had hopes of being a good neighbor catching a chicken and returning it home only to be invited for a tour. I never did catch a chicken but born was my desire to have a farm! After a long career in Nursing and raising a family, I now have the opportunity to live that dream. 

The Flower Farm

Where to find us?


 We specialize in specialty cut flowers for florists, wholesale, Market bouquets, and DIY flower buckets. We also grow loofah sponges and make loofah bar soap which is fantastic for scrubbing hands after gardening. You are welcome to call us for flower availability or design for wedding or parties.

What's growing?


As the seasons change, so will our flower availability. We have 180 different varieties of flowers, fillers and foliage. If you need an arrangement of cut flowers, please call us. We can make up Market bouquets any day of the week for pick up at the farm from late March-November.

DIY Flower Buckets!


We will be offering a DYI flower Buckets this summer for the creative type! Come purchase your buckets full of flowers and design your own bouquets, weddings, showers! Buckets will be filled with focus flowers, filler flowers and greenery.